Wednesday, August 1, 2012

iPhone Happenings

My life the past week…
Bump Photos - July 31 20122
Top: More mini-cupcake baking // Chocolate-covered pretzels my friend Chelsea and I made (after we delivered some to my neighbor) // Ephesians 6:19-20…I wrote it on the inside cover of my new notebook
Middle: Reading while I waited for my tire change at Good Year // The little green mermaid that makes me oh so happy // My dad trying to play with our cat during the Opening Ceremony “Why don’t you love me?!” ….this man kills me. I love that he saves his weirdness just for us family
Bottom: Some #shereadstruth on the LAST page of my notebook. boom. // my boredom Saturday afternoon… // Some cinnamon streusel ice cream I made on Saturday (I may or may not have a cinnamon addiction people)

Bump Photos - July 31 20123
Top: a humble reminder // Rocking my “church shoes” (aka I feel silly wearing them casually :p) // After church // A typical conversation….don’t judge me
Bottom: Trying an ombre accent nail // My hand is obviously a pillow // One of the best parts about living in a Philly suburb: the cheesesteaks. Yummm. // Gahhh my baby is so cute♥

Bump Photos - July 31 20124
Top: My failed attempt of photographing deer in the soy field by my house…I promise they are the little specs under that tree limb // She was waiting outside my door, demanding to be petted // Monday’s outfit // They do make me smile :)
Bottom: Where I spent the majority of Monday: on my hammock in the shade // Who knew adding scrapbook paper to a case would be so cute?! // Walmart adventures with my friend Julie // A peach my friend picked….mmmmmm

My Final Instagram Photo-A-Day pictures:
Bump Photos - July 31 20121
Day 26: Sunshine (the nickname I have for my friend Julie…even though I forgot to take her actual picture) // Day 27: On the Road // Day 29: Last Thing You Bought // Day 30: Calm (with my devotions of course) // Day 31: Toothbrush

Oh, and I figured I would leave you with this gem:
Photo 45This is how I looked while watching the Olympics the other night. You’re welcome.


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Kaitlin said...

Sounds like a successful week to me! Very cute iPhone pictures. And thanks for following my blog, Sarah! :)