Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sports Jam

Good morning ladies! (at least…I assume you’re all ladies reading this, who knows!) Anywho I wanted to stop in quick and share some really awesome God has been doing. So I mentioned it before, but last week was my church’s annual VBS where we partner with another local church to offer a free sports camp to the kids in our area. Well, on Sunday my pastor shared this year’s stats and they blew me away! We had 155 children come through last week. One-fifty-five! Woah dude. We averaged about 128 kiddos a night. Aaaaaand 85 of the children had no church affiliation…can we talk about how awesome it is that all of their families got to experience God through what we did?!!? On Friday night, we hosted a barbeque for the families. Including the 100+ staff members, we had over 300 people attend that night.

But regardless of the numbers, God is good. (all the time) These children got to run around and play sports for a few hours AND hear about God. I have such a heart for kids so this just makes me so joyful! To think that I played a part in this awesomeness is so exciting. My hope is that the experience the kids had will continue to affect them as they realize that God is an awesome God. I pray that each of them builds a desire to know Him.
Here are some pictures from Friday’s BBQ:
Bump Photos - July 31 2012
Top: The Chick-Fil-A cow stopped by for a visit…Brian and Ryan would not release the poor bovine // My friends Amanda & Brian (he’s rocking my sunglasses) // My adorable friend Kristen and her popcorn
Bottom: Amanda & I…twinsss // Did I mention I was in a pirate skit that night?! I’m Sir Sinful ARGGHH! // Oh you know, just pirating around. casual.
Last week was wonderful, I am so happy I was able to help out. God’s power is so strong and I am in awe of the ways He works, even through a sports camp :)


Ariel said...

Awww so fun!!! Working with kids always ends up being such a blessing. And so awesome that theire families got to come hear about Jesus too! Keep up the good work girl :)

Amanda Smith said...

This makes me happy:) Sports JAM is the best!

Kim said...

lol i can hear you saying that - "good morning...laaaadies"

chelebelle17 said...

Ahhh all things sports jam and children make my heart smile! :)