Wednesday, July 25, 2012

iPhone Happenings

This week is an exciting week for me, one of my favorites of the year. Why you ask?…well because it is my church’s VBS! For the past few years, my church has partnered up with another local church to offer a free sports camp to kids ages 5-12. They get to play soccer, basketball, football, and cheerleading. I love this camp because it offers the kids in my community the opportunity to experience God while having a great time running around and being…well kids :p So far, we’ve been averaging around 130 kids a night….130!!!! Talk about cra—zy! The best part is that about two-thirds of these children don’t go to our churches. That’s a whole lot of kids (and families) hearing about our Lord, maybe for the first time! It’s good stuff people. Anywho, I’m paired up with my friend Jess and we have five adorable 5-7 year old kiddos in our group for the week. I am only able to help out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (stupid night Calc class), but I can already tell you that I’m loving this time with the kids…they are so energetic and fun! I can’t wait to see how God is going to use me the rest of this week :)

And without further adieu…my iPhone photos of the week:
Bump Photos - July 20 2012
Top: My cat obviously not approving of my study methods (or she was just bitter because I wouldn’t pet her) // My favorite coral pants, which of course I wore on a rainy day // My yay-I-am-a-registered-PA-voter happy face…woot woot
Bottom: My friend Kim and I reached level 300 on Draw Something (yes, I am aware we may be the last people in the world still playing. deal with it) // My over-priced & under-filled espresso macchiato I bought Friday…so much for trying new coffee shops :( // An attempt to capture the cuteness of a local town…and creeping on that cool car. whoops.

Bump Photos - July 21 20121
Top: Naturally, some #shereadstruth- a humble reminder that God is, in fact, all that I need // another installation of weird-places-my-cats-sleep. Sinks are where it’s at apparently // A ginormous blackberry from a local market. It was yummo
Bottom: The verse of the day on my bible app…mirroring one of my favorite songs we sing at Intervarsity back at BU // Just being artsy with my purity ring & bible // More devotional time with my Savior, the refreshing start to my day♥

And Now for more of my pictures from the Instagram Photo a Day Challenge…I really need to step up my game for the last few days that are left of the month, I am really slacking:
Bump Photos - July 25 2012
Day 20: Eyes // Day 21: 9 O’clock // Day 22: Upside down // Day 25: Heart

Well, that’s all my iPhone has to say for now, I’m off to bake my little heart out!

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Kim said...

we can't stop playing draw something now! we're too good! :)