Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday’s Letters: Move In Edition

Hello lovelies! I’m all moved in at school & I’m loving being back. I decided my letters this week would be related to my past couple of days back at Bing.

Dear Dorm Room, I am so happy to have you all organized…I think you’ll be a good home for the year.

Dear Freshmen, Welcome to Binghamton!! I hope your move yesterday wasn’t too stressful.

Dear Agitated Freshmen Parents, I really wish you hadn’t gotten so angry with us Welcome Back Crew members. We were there yesterday to help, not get yelled at because you couldn’t get the carts fast enough.

That being said…Dear Happy Freshmen Parents, I’m so glad there were so many of you yesterday. I love helping you and your kids move in, you made my day very joyful!

Dear Suitemates, thank goodness you’re moving in today…this suite is too big for just me!

Dear Friends, I am so so hyped to see you all this weekend, I’ve missed you.

Dear tea, You were the perfect way to de-stress after 9 hours of moving people in.

Dear God, I am so excited to see what you have planned for this semester. I pray that you introduce a lot of new students to Intervarsity this weekend at University Fest & next week at New Student Outreach events. I can’t wait to connect with more students excited about You!

My Friday will be spent giving freshmen class tours and reconnecting with my friends, I hope your day is just as exciting!!! :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog: How Blogging has Changed You

I’m am super excited to link up with Ashley & Sarah for me first GBTB vlog! But please bare with me as this video definitely has its kinks :p

The Girl Behind The Blog- How Blogging Has Changed You
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
Introduce yourself and your blog
What is one of the main ways blogging has changed you?
How has blogging changed the way you reflect on issues that you wouldn't have before?
 At the end of the day, how are you empowered and encouraged by blogging- by your own and by others?
How do you think you could add to your blog being a blessing to yourself and others?


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

iPhone Happenings

I’ve decided to post my iPhone Happenings on Tuesday this week instead of Wednesday. Mostly because I have something else planned for tomorrow (ooooh the suspense) Anyway, this is my past week according to my iPhone. Not many pictures to show because I’ve been running around doing last-minute errands before I leave…TOMORROW! I can’t believe it, I’m quite excited to be back in Binghamton!

Without further adieu….

Bump Photos - August 26 2012 Top: “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” & “One Thousand Gifts” I’ve heard wonderful things about both books and so I knew I needed to get them (especially with this starting soon) // Enjoying my #SheReadsTruth while babysitting in the park // Kids Castle: this place used to be my favorite playground when I was younger…it's seriously HUGE // My last cake ball from my baking extravaganza with friends
Bottom: Burgundy pants and metallic shoes I wore to church Sunday // My I-hate-packing face // Yes, I do have a full bag of shoes coming back with me. Judge me. // Cookie butter & chocolate chip sundae after a long day of packing….yummmmm

Bump Photos - August 26 20121Top: Resting in His strength and power // My friend Travis and I spent a good 30 minutes sending each other various “whale texts”…it was wonderful // I sent this lovely photo to a few of my friends from school to remind them what to look forward to I’m so cute // I can, indeed, take normal pictures. Fishtail braid.
Bottom: The best part of packing is Zeva trying to get inside every form of box or bag // Cuddling with Tiger for one of the last times (I may miss her the most jk Mom & Dad) // Just two glimpses of all the junk I’m bringing to school. I will have no problem packing my mom’s van and my car solid with stuff!

Well, that’s just about everything for now. Today will be spent finishing up some odds and ends before we wake up bright and early to drive to school. Ahhh I’m so excited!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

She Shares: Words

So I meant to do this post yesterday, but I was packing all day and didn’t get a chance. I should be packing now…but I think its time for a little break. I wanted to link up with #SheReadsTruth again for their weekly “She Shares” post. As I began thinking about what God has been showing me this week, I kept coming back to one concept: words. The past few chapters in Proverbs have been full of wisdom about how our words need to honor God. I’ve been wrestling with exactly what God is trying to tell me through all of this, and then in church today, my pastor did a sermon on what God says about words in Proverbs. Woah God...I see what you did there :p Anyway, I’ve decided that’s why I didn’t write this post yesterday, God had more to tell me.

I think one of the biggest struggles in my faith is what I say. I am an extrovert who talks a mile-a-minute, but also a girl who hates conflict and confrontation. I often find myself saying more than I necessary or not speaking up when I should.

First, I can easily lack restraint with what I say. Namely, I gossip. A lot. Gossip is such a tricky thing. It is so easy for me to complain about that girl who bugs me, or point out the flaws of that one person who rubs me the wrong way. Sadly enough, as social beings, we often connect over these things. In the short run, talking about someone else builds up our rep with a group of people while hurting the other. It is humbling when I think about how much of my conversations are talking about people not involved. What am I really gaining from this? How is talking about that person really helping my relationships? Plain and simple…its not. God repeatedly says in the bible to be “slow to speak.” Proverbs 10:19 says “when words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” It takes a lot of wisdom to know when to be quiet. I need to assess my reasons for what I say before I say them. I came across this quote on Pinterest many times and I think it is covers the subject well:
Second, I can become so timid when I should speak up. God never called us to be timid. He calls us to be bold, especially when it regards His truths. I Hate confrontation and am afraid of upsetting people with my beliefs, so I tend to stay quiet when I need to speak up. Just as words can hurt people, they can also grow and heal others. Sometimes confrontation is necessary when it is out of love. Proverbs 27:5 says “Better is open rebuke, than hidden love.” As a Christian, I am not called to judge others, but I am called to notice the brokenness around me and help it. If my Christian brother or sister is going down a path they shouldn’t…I can’t just ignore it, I need to confront them about it. My pastor used a powerful quote about speaking up from Martin Luther King Jr. after the civil rights movement. He said “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I need to love so fiercely that my words help the people around me. My words need to build people up, not bring them down for my own selfish gain. Proverbs reiterates that our words speak from our hearts. I am learning that my heart needs to be so focused on God that He is seen through my words.

I Want to close with these song lyrics I was encouraged with at church today:
"May you go in the love of your Father God 
May you go in the grace of Christ 
May you go in the power of the Spirit now 
To bring Him glory with your life"

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday’s Letters

Linking up over here again :)

Dear Laura & Amanda, our cake extravaganza the other night was wonderful. We are obviously pro-fondant-users & make the prettiest cake pops…maybe not. Bump Photos - August 23 20121
Dear Calculus, I wanted to get an A…but I’m sure not complaining about my B+. You were tough!

Dear Frozen Yogurt, not gonna lie…I’m a little embarrassed about how much of you I had this week. Good thing I can’t get you at school.

Dear Pink Streak, why are you fading so quickly!?! What part of semi permanent did you misunderstand?
Photo 29

Dear Binghamton, See you in…LESS THAN ONE WEEK!!!!

Dear God, thank you for blessing me with so many encouraging friends. I loved hanging out with a lot of them this week & I’m going to miss these girls while I’m at school.



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

iPhone Happenings

So as I looked through my iPhone pictures from the last week, I came to the conclusion that I may, in fact, be a crazy cat lady….I take way too many pictures of my kitties. No worries people, this time next week I will be settling into my dorm and you will be free of cat pictures until at least Thanksgiving! Speaking of which…ONE WEEK UNTIL I’M BACK AT SCHOOL!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited? I am so ready to see how God is going to use me this year!

Well, here is my week according to my iPhone…
Bump Photos - August 20 2012Top: More amazing cookie butter…I’m addicted people! // A rare moment when both cats are together in harmony // She’s addicted to sinks apparently
Middle: My mom left this bottom shelf bare just for the cat…when I walk by, the bookshelf meows at me // Suspicious… // The Intervarsity pamphlets I got on my visit to Binghamton back in April 2011. I am so thankful I met people from the fellowship then because I immediately got connected with them last fall when I moved on campus. I am so blessed by the friendships I’ve built in that ministry!
Bottom: Some wonderful Proverbs truths #SheReadsTruth // Feeling fancy because I curled my hair // Pulled out my watercolors this week

Bump Photos - August 20 20121Top: Making bracelets // Cat distractions from responding to blog emails // Late night tea
Middle: Felt like Scar the other morning when I woke up (I wonder what I do in my sleep) // “Do you believe in yourself?” // Froyo addiction
Bottom: My friend Julie at I found the cutest weirdest outfits possible at Kohl’s…seriously who buys this stuff?!!

Bump Photos - August 22 2012Top: New nail polishes // Bleaching my hair for the pink dye // Apparently my friend lived with geese :p
Middle: Julie & Me with our pink hair // Yummy chicken salad lettuce wraps // Came across these verses twice this week…God is calling me to be humble.
Bottom: Bath & Body Works makes the cutest things // Proverbs 15- watching my words // Eeeeee she’s so cute, I'm going to miss her cuddling with me at school :(

Well that’s all my iPhone had to say. This next week is going to be filled with last-minute errands, packing, and savoring my last moments with family & friends before I trek back up to New York.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Being a little Extreme

Pink HairFor the past few months I’ve been thinking about dying part of my hair pink. Why? Because I wanted to do something fun and a little crazy…well this is my crazy.

Pink Hair1My awesome friend Julie offered to do it with me…it was pretty epic. We said yolo more times than necessary :p

Photo 51Of course we celebrated the best way we knew how…by trying out a new froyo place :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

She Shares: Repetition

Today I was reading on the #SheReadsTruth website that they are starting a link up to share what God has been doing in your life since starting their plans. Naturally, since I’m always mentioning this study, I figured I’d join in.

I was very excited when they announced two weeks ago that the new plan was in Proverbs. Earlier in the summer, I tried to read a chapter a day for a month, but only made it through the first five or so, so #SRT was a great way to keep me on track. Also, my parents’ church has been studying Proverbs, but I split my time at home between their church and my old church…so I have missed a few weeks. Once again, #SRT to the rescue. Basically I figured if God was putting this book in my life so much, He really wanted me to read it.

Now onto some honest truth, this study hasn’t been all peaches for me. I started to hit a devotional rut, putting off my quiet times until later in the day. I’ve still been consistent daily, but sometimes I feel like I’m just doing it to do it. It’s a little discouraging, because I’ve lasted so long, but I’m starting to feel that weight I have in the past when I am ready to stop. Also, Proverbs got a little boring for me. There is tons of repetition and the writer uses situations that don’t really pertain to me.

Then it hit me. Ok, God hit me. This time has been becoming a chore because I’m not actively seeking God with it. I have not been paying attention to what God is trying to show me in these passages! Silly Sarah…sometimes you are so thick-skulled.

Anywho, on to what God has been teaching me. First, there is a lot of repetition. And yes, it seems like a lot of simple concepts are being repeated.So why? Because they are important! And Us thick-skulls need to read it multiple times for it to click. God is pretty darn smart :p

Almost every chapter begins with some form of “be attentive to my wisdom, gain my understanding".” Why? because these chapters are packed-full of wisdom that is meaningless unless we keep it and apply it. The chapter also uses juxtaposition (big word!!) to show the differences of a wise and foolish person. God blatantly states that following Him is life-giving and following our own desires brings harm. I am also learning that these sins have to be completely avoided. The more we surround ourselves with them, the easier it is to give in.

Now onto that stuff that “I couldn’t relate to.” Pshhh, good joke Sarah! Those chapters about adultery….there is totally stuff in there for me. First, adultery is like any other sin in God’s eyes & I just need to avoid it! These passages also help paint the picture of a woman of God (hmmmm maybe that’s why #SRT picked Proverbs) We are told to “keep your heart with all vigilances, for from it flows the springs of life” & "the price of a prostitute is only a loaf of bread, but a married woman hunts down a precious life.” We are called to be pure. Pure in our actions, how we present ourselves, what we think, and what we say. Not only is purity precious to God, but as women, our purity is especially important for protecting our Christian brothers. We do not want to cause them to sin  based on our actions. Being pure is not just physical, its our whole being. It is an active response to guard ourselves against sin. Want more on the Proverbs picture of godly women, hope on over to Bre’s blog to check out her post!

We are called to seek God’s wisdom & insight. Follow His commandments and live with integrity. I need to watch my words, make sure that they only build others up. I need to think about my actions and if they are glorifying him. And above all, I need to guard my heart. God will provide for me when I diligently seek Him. I need to live my life honorably, so that my life is a living testimony of what god has done for me!

Phewfff! That was a lot…but it's what God has been teaching me.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday’s Letters

Dear Samantha, I loved getting your letter in the mail yesterday. You’re so sweet!

Dear Calc, We’re through…I guess it was a good ride.

Dear Stella, I’m so glad the mechanics fixed you up; I had missed driving you!

Dear Speculoo’s Cookie Butter, Why am I just now trying you? You are literally the best food ever. 588b7f86e71411e1b65722000a1c8644_6

Dear Textbooks, You cost a whole lot. Stop it.

Dear Olympics, I miss you; please come back.

Dear Future Husband (whoever you are), I watched some pretty sweet YouTube proposal videos yesterday…you better plan well :P

Dear Laundry, ughhhhhhh.

Dear Erin, I love your Instagram #Thankfulsweetness challenge. It is a humble reminder of what God is blessing me with. 80ae16d6e70011e183e822000a1c03d1_6

I hope you lovelies have a stupendous Friday!!!Untitled


Thursday, August 16, 2012

If You Really Knew Me…

So these “If You Really Knew Me” posts have been floating around the Bloggy world for a couple of months now, and I finally decided I would do one too.


Here we go: If you really knew me…

1. You’d know I am the messiest clean freak ever. My room at home is always messy, and I wait wayyyyy too long to do laundry. But when I do clean, I have to clean and organize. Every. Little. Bit. However, at school my room is always clean. Bed made daily, desk and closet organized, and laundry done at least once a week. I guess my philosophy is if people are going to see it, it has to be perfect.

2. You’d know I've always hated being late. I have to be on time or early to everything…or I get antsy. Its also my one of my biggest pet peeves when people are late.

3. You’d know I make weird faces. A lot. My friends tell me I do it all the time…I am not ashamed. These faces often end up on Facebook.
You're welcome.
4. You’d know I hate brushing my teeth (please don’t worry, I do brush daily!)  I really like my teeth and all the money my parents paid my orthodontist, so I do take good care of them. But it’s just such an ordeal. I brush, floss, gargle two different washes. I love the pearly white results, but it always takes so long!!

5. You’d know I love driving. I love running errands, exploring back roads, or just driving with friends. I find it therapeutic.

6. You’d know I want to be one of those cool soccer moms when I grow up. Cardigans, scarves, ballet flats, and driving a crossover…sounds good to me. Yes, it’s a random goal in life.
Via my Pinterest "Clothing" board
7. You’d know I love making people laugh. It is a big accomplishment if I can make someone laugh. This is why I chose my blog name. Laughter is one of the sweetest sounds in the world.

8. You’d know I say “like” too much for my own good. I can’t even remember when I started, but people always comment on it. I’m really trying to stop!

9. You’d know I already have a lot of my future wedding planned (including colors), and I haven’t even met the groom yet! But let’s be honest…I know I’m not alone in this. I'm partially blaming Pinterest for this one.
Via my Pinterest "Two Become One" board
10. You’d know I am an extrovert (my Myers Briggs is ESFJ) & that the littlest things get me super excited. I am always loud and crazy, even early in the morning…some people don't appreciate that :p

11. You'd know I am a people's a gift and a problem.

12. You'd know I'm a hugger. I hug's my love language.

Well, now that you know all these tidbits about me…let’s be friends!! :)


P.S. I'm pretty pleased with my new blog design...hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

iPhone Happenings

This week it started: the goodbyes for college. Two of my friends have headed back to school, and my dear friend Kristen is currently moving into her freshman dorm. Sunday night, we spent hours at a diner gushing about the exciting aspects of college life, thoroughly getting us both pumped and easing our small concerns. Kristen, thank you for your always-encouraging friendship. I pray that your freshman year is amazing and I can’t wait to see how God grows you at Regent!

Anywho, onto my my week as seen by my iPhone:
Bump Photos - August 12 2012
Top: #SheReadTruth His steadfast love & faithfulness // True life…this was someone’s plate at the mall. Now that’s NRA dedication! // The sad and rainy spot my hamock and I should have been (wow can someone say #firstworldproblems?!)
Bottom: I almost poured my milk this way…rough morning // A constant reminder // My newly-made planner, complete with sections for homework, small group, IV meetings, and some blogging…I’m super pumped!

Bump Photos - August 12 20121
Top: Dinner at Bonefish Grill with my mom (those fish tacos are the bomb) // Bad picture, but there was a man dressed as Elvis getting into his car. My mom and I were bummed we didn’t get a picture with him // God’s teaching is a light // My first friar tuck…actually a success (I’m even rocking some curls again today)
Bottom: Shoutout To Samantha, this blogging world offers great encouraging friends. I’m blessed // “But Christianity is a cross, and a cross is ‘I’ crossed out” –Power of Positive Prayer // Shopping at Target with momma bear // Love me some smoothies

Bump Photos - August 15 2012
Top: Treasure His commandments // My Sunday best // Tiger’s new favorite nighttime sleeping spot…next to me. I’m not complaining :) // Birthday false alarm…
Bottom: Nothing about God is simple♥ // I found a new bakery yesterday!! // I ate both cupcakes and was not ashamed…so so good! // Just watching the rain


P.S. I'm working on some bloggy changes...stay tuned!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Positive Prayer

Yesterday, I walked past my dad’s book shelf and glanced at the books he had. On the top row, a small book caught my eye. The Power of Positive Prayer by John Bisagno. Something inside me immediately told me that I should read this. I’ve been struggling this summer with my prayer life. My time talking to God is always short, and I feel like I never leave refreshed. Most of the time I feel like I’m just speaking to a wall. Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon reading the old and breaking book (it’s a 1972 copy). After reading it, I can honestly say I have a new perspective on how I want to approach my conversations with God.

One of the biggest aspects that Bisagno spoke about is the importance of faith. He notes that believing God is just able to do something is not faith. Faith is believing He will do it. If we pray to God seeking an answer, but hold doubt in the back of our mind, He won’t answer. There are multiple stories in the bible where God said He did not do something because no one had faith Him. If I don’t believe God will soften my unbelieving friend’s heart and use me to minister to them, then He won’t. If I don’t believe God will answer my worried prayer, He won’t. When we harbor doubt, we are questioning God’s overall sovereignty. We have to believe that God already has an answer to our prayer before we even ask it. We need to pray big because God is big. Nothing is impossible for Him.

Bisagno also discussed how we should discern God’s will in our prayers. So often, we end our prayers with “If it be thy will.” That’s like the biggest cope out we can say. Its giving God a way out because we don’t want to feel silly if the outcome isn’t what we expected. God doesn’t need a way out. Once again, we show doubt and uncertainty in God’s power to answer. Our prayers should end in “Your will be done.” This says that we have faith that God is going to answer. He has a plan, regardless of if we expect the one we get. God’s will is also spoken throughout the bible. We know that it is always God’s will that we follow His commandments, and it is always His will to save the unsaved. Anytime we pray about those things, we should praying knowing that God’s will is to be done. We don’t have to question it.

I don’t know that I have the words to accurately express the way God spoke to me yesterday. I don’t know if my words can accurately summarize the principles John talked about in the book. But what I do know is that this book shed a new light on prayer for me. God used this book to speak me through what I have been struggling with. My prayer life has been lacking because I didn’t know how to pray. I have been going at it as a to do list of requests. I have doubted God’s power to actually answer.

Prayer is quite possibly the most powerful act of ministry we can offer. I need to pray with faith. I need to go to God boldly. I need to surrender myself to Him often. I need to pray like I truly believe prayer is powerful.

Photo 14

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday’s Letters

Linking up again with Ashley @ Adventures of Newlyweds:

Dear Stella (my car), Why did you decide to not start this week?! I miss you, please get fixed soon.
Photo 8
Poor Stella getting towed 
Dear Nectarines, you’re my favorite.

Dear Shopping, I love you, especially with friends.

Dear Ariel, thanks again for the nomination the other day.

Dear Blog Friends, I’m so happy I’m meeting more you you. You gals are pretty sweet.

Dear Calc, You know I’m not liking you right now, I’m sure you don’t like me much either…but we just have one more week together. Let’s stick it out.
Photo 11
This happened. For about 20 minutes...she's needy
Dear Kitties, thanks for so much cuddling this week…even when I was trying to do work.
Photo 6
Dear Candles, I had forgotten how wonderful you are, oh how I’m going to miss you when I’m back in my dorm.

 Dear SUNY Buffalo Chapter of Intervarsity, Praise God! I am so glad the student board reinstated your charter.

Dear #SheReadsTruth, I’m loving this Proverbs study.

Dear God, thank you for you grace. I am learning to crave your wisdom alone.




It’s a weird word, huh? Well…not if you’re in the blog world. The word Liebster is German and means sweet, kind, nice, dear, beloved, lovely, kind, valued, and welcome. It is also an award. The Liebster blog Award is given out to up and coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. (sweet, I’m up and coming! Booyah) Anywho, I was nominated by the oh so lovely Ariel over at On a Whim. (You should probably go check on her blog…its cute) Let’s just say when I read her post yesterday and saw I was nominated, I squealed. Squealed, people. I was a tad excited! Oh and a random little tidbit, the origin of this award in the Bloggy world is unknown….so secretive :p
Here are 11 fun facts about yours truly (My answers to Ariel's questions):
1. Whenever I go to Starbucks, I either order a Skinny Caramel Macchiato (with extra shots) or a Nonfat Latte…BUT my all-time favorite drink is the Pumpkin Spice Latte…can it please be fall already?!
2. I spent my 18th birthday up at school. My birthday is in September, so I’m one of those babies who started college at 17. I spent the day hanging with a few friends and then I was going to go to the dining hall and eat everyone (we had this tradition that we would all go eat together and then the birthday person got a slice of cake with a fake candle on top…because we’re classy like that) BUT, my sweet friends had something else up their sleeve. You see, my friend David had covertly asked what my favorite foods were a couple days before. I was told to meet in my friend’s building, only to find out that everyone cooked a meal of my favorite things!! I’m pretty sure I cried. It was legitimately the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. AND they all got me little presents that were inside jokes. I had only known these people for a little over two weeks and they already were like family :)
3. If I could travel anywhere, it would be Europe. I honestly don’t care where, I want to see so much. My ideal spots include Italy, Paris, London, Madrid, and the Holy Lands. It’s on my bucket list.
4. I don't know if I could pick one go-to nail polish color. I’m stuck between Sally Hansen’s “Slick Slate'” & “Coral Reef”…with Finger Paints “Vintage Velvet” as a close third. I kind of have an obsession with polish.
5. My all-time favorite comedy is “Legally Blonde” (I can quote the whole thing) but I think my favorite movie is “Big Fish”
6. I would never want to own a motorcycle…they scare me.
7. My current favorite Pandora Station is “Coffee Jambs” I’ve been listening to it non-stop.
8. My dream occupation is to be a pediatrician, but ultimately I want to hold the title of momma in my life. I always have ♥
9. My name came from Sarah in the bible and my middle name, Elizabeth, is my grandmother’s name. Fun fact: my dad, brother, and I all have SER initials. It was not an accident. (My poor mom is left out)
10. My biggest celebrity crush…hmmm, I’m not 100% sure on that one, although my mom and I are loving all of the Olympic eye candy ;)
11. My first kiss was in my then-boyfriend’s basement (that sounds creepier than it was) We were in 11th grade. It was kind of awkward (but the first kiss is supposed to be, right?)

Da Rulezzz of Liebster:
1. Each person must list 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 11 questions that the tagger has set for you plus you MUST create 11 questions of  your own for the 11 people you will nominate with this award, which brings me to rule 3.
3. Choose up to 11 bloggers linking them to your post.
4. Go to their page and inform them of the nomination.
5. Absolutely NO tag backs.
6. Remember to ONLY tag bloggers with less than 200 followers
I’m tagging *Drumroll please*:
Samantha @ {Today I Am}
Kt @ A Place to Spit it All Out
Bre @ Blog By Bre
Kaitlin @ Desiring a Pure Heart
Hannah @ Figuring Out Life
Ashley @ Becoming Mrs. Kozell

Questions For My Noms:
1. What was the first blog you read?
2. What’s your favorite season?
3. Favorite sound in the world?
4. What was your best high school memory?
5.Which book have you read the most times?
6. Who is your best friend?
7. Would you ever sky dive?
8. Do you sing more in the shower or in the car?
9. Ice Cream or Froyo?
10. Did you ever have braces?
11. Toilet paper: folded over or under?

Shout out to Ariel again for the nomination :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone Happenings

Well, its Wednesday again..time to show off my past week on photos. I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing, so much so that if my mom sees me take a picture now she goes “Is that going on your blog?” Yes Mom, it is. I get to document the semi-unimportant aspects of my life and no one can stop me :)

Bump Photos - August 07 2012
Top: My last day of the Prayer study for #SheReadsTruth // The craziness at Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day // My wrap was still well-worth the wait
Bottom: Eating some of the chickpea cookie I made on my craft day while studying for calc // Ok does anyone else do this?! Leave one of each color at the end (I do it with candy too)…is that weird? // Reminded of how to sacrifice myself

Bump Photos - August 07 20121
A lovely day at Peace Valley Park with my friend Michele…turned into a 6-mile walk. In flip flops. (You think I would have learned the last time) Her pup was such a trooper though. Sadie was thrown in the water encouraged to swim by Michele & had to walk those 6 miles on her poor little paws. So naturally she tried to take my seat on the ride home ;p

Bump Photos - August 07 20122
Top: Classical summer…gotta have a good s’more // I'm a pyro. obvs. // An attempt at a cinnamon mug cake (I’m still tweaking it)
Bottom: Keep His commandments, abide in His love // no arms Feeling stylish // Glorifying God through purity

Bump Photos - August 07 20123
My friends Jess & Kristen (and their little sister Michelle) were in Annie Jr. this past week. Jess played an adorable Annie…rocking the red hair, and Kristen was Mrs. Hannigan. She was fierce.

Bump Photos - August 07 20124
Top: Zeva’s new favorite spot // Another mug cake, whose blueberries took over // This stuff is da bomb (yes, I just said that)
Bottom: First day of the Proverbs study on #SheReadsTruth. I was so excited when I saw this was the book we were reading; we’re even reading it at church! // My house had no windows this week…no worries, they’re back now // Starting my morning off right :)