Saturday, August 4, 2012


Hello lovelies! I wanted to stop in to tell you a little more about this amazing bible study I have been blessed to be a part of for the last couple of months. Its called SheReadsTruth (if you couldn’t already tell from my constant musings about it on this here blog). I came across this organization back in June because my friend had been posting pictures of her devotionals from it on her Instagram. She encouraged me to check it out at, but I was a tad hesitant because I was already working through a bible study of Luke. Well, a few days later I saw it mentioned on a blog I read, and then another one! I decided this was God’s way of really telling me to check it out. I started up on the current plan they were doing (the plans can be found on the YouVersion bible app). I immediately was hooked. The study was pinpointing stuff I really needed to identify, and the whole concept of the bible study is built for accountability. The community is grown through social media because you can hashtag posts about it to link to other women who are also doing the studies. Not only are you encouraged that there are countless other women reading the same biblical truths as you, but it also gives you a little extra push to stay consistent. Knowing that these plans run on a schedule keeps me in line to not slack or skip a day.
For me, this was the perfect jumpstart to getting my time with God back on a schedule. I don’t know about you, but consistency and continual excitement about reading God’s word is something I’ve always struggled with (which Is lame because I know that time with Him only leads to some pretty sweet growth…but still, it was a struggle). Now, I get excited every morning to see what that day’s reading is on. I also never have an excuse to miss a day. Even if I don’t have time to sit down and journal my thoughts, the plan is on my phone…so I can read it and be refreshed on the go. That’s good stuff people! Seeing other women’s devotional photos on Instagram has also taught me to branch out and be creative with my time with God. No longer is it a mundane time where I take notes like homework. I write with fun fonts, underline words, and make my journal entertaining. My time with God never seems like a chore, but a way to express myself and engage with the Lover of my soul. How awesome is that?
So why am I writing this post now? Well, first off, I figured I should give a little more info to those of you who may not have heard of what this bible study is about. Also, they are starting their new plan on Monday!! So you can just hop on over to (or download the app) and sign up for a free account. Then check back on the SheReadsTruth website on Monday to learn about the new plan. Or, you go go back and check out the first four reading plans they sponsored! :)
How about ladies, for those of you who have heard of SheReadsTruth, what are your thoughts??


The Preppy Student said...

sounds like a great bible study! I am your newest follower. I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog! Have a happy Saturday:)

Hannah said...

After seeing all your posts about this devotional I started checking it out. I saw they were starting a new one Monday, so I thought I'd wait and join then. Definitely excited! Been a long while since I've even opened my bible, so hopefully this will get me back into it. :)

Sarah said...

Aww I'm glad I could bring you some encouragement!! I pray that God will speak to you the way He's been speaking to me through these studies :)

Breanna said...

Hi Sarah!
I loooove #SheReadsTruth & I'm so glad to have a new blog friend who loves it, too. It's seriously helped in most every aspect of my life-- scheduling time with God, & reminding me to make Him the center of all my decisions & goals.
It just feels so good, you know?!

Breanna @ Blog by Bre

Jen said...

thanks for sharing. I'm gonna go check it out!