Thursday, August 30, 2012

Friday’s Letters: Move In Edition

Hello lovelies! I’m all moved in at school & I’m loving being back. I decided my letters this week would be related to my past couple of days back at Bing.

Dear Dorm Room, I am so happy to have you all organized…I think you’ll be a good home for the year.

Dear Freshmen, Welcome to Binghamton!! I hope your move yesterday wasn’t too stressful.

Dear Agitated Freshmen Parents, I really wish you hadn’t gotten so angry with us Welcome Back Crew members. We were there yesterday to help, not get yelled at because you couldn’t get the carts fast enough.

That being said…Dear Happy Freshmen Parents, I’m so glad there were so many of you yesterday. I love helping you and your kids move in, you made my day very joyful!

Dear Suitemates, thank goodness you’re moving in today…this suite is too big for just me!

Dear Friends, I am so so hyped to see you all this weekend, I’ve missed you.

Dear tea, You were the perfect way to de-stress after 9 hours of moving people in.

Dear God, I am so excited to see what you have planned for this semester. I pray that you introduce a lot of new students to Intervarsity this weekend at University Fest & next week at New Student Outreach events. I can’t wait to connect with more students excited about You!

My Friday will be spent giving freshmen class tours and reconnecting with my friends, I hope your day is just as exciting!!! :)


Ameera (أميرة) said...

It's so weird to see everyone moving back in. I feel like I should be there too. Can't wait to see how this year goes for you!

Katie Cook said...

Yeahhhhh!!! I LOVE back to school time! I MISS IT every year when I realize I am not going back to school, haha! I'm currently trying to convince my husband that we need to go back to grad school together, hehe! much love sweet girl, love Katie

SK said...

I miss college so much! So excited for you and your new journey this semester!!

Ariel said...

I'm so glad your move-in went well! And be ruinted with all your suitemates today will be wonderful. Dorm looks super cute too :)

Erin said...

this brings back so many memories for me of dorm life and being an RA :)
blessings to you this new semester!!

Erin Marie said...

Wow! You're dorm looks like the Taj Mahal compared to the cell block they used to bunk us up in at university. Glad you've had such a productive start to the school year. Makes me kind of miss college. But not really. Ha! Maybe just the million and one friends part. :)

Kelsi Alexander said...

I love your room set up!!! It's so cute and happy! :)

Samantha Shepherd said...

Eeek! Such a happy post! I'm excited for you as you start classes and settle into this semester.

Annie said...

I'm glad move-in went well! When do you start classes?