Monday, September 3, 2012

The Mission

Yesterday was my first Sunday back at school, so it was also my first Sunday back at my church here in Binghamton. It was so awesome to be back, especially because we had so many new students come today we needed two trips to the church! Talk about awesome! Anyway, the message yesterday was so good & God totally was speaking right to me during it (I love that He’s been doing that so much lately!)

We talked about God’s purpose for creating us. Why He even bothered created us. In our society its so easy to get caught up in thinking we deserve what God provides for us. To think its all about me. Silly Sarah…its sooo not. Its about Him! He provides for us and we glorify Him. We were created for God’s glory; that’s our mission & that’s why He created us. Isaiah 43:7 blatantly says it, that we are created to bring glory to Him. Through everything we do, not just “God things.” It fascinates me that none of this is new to me and yet it can be so hard to grasp. Everything I do needs to glorify Him. I can’t just choose when it is convenient for me. I am called to glorify Him now.

My pastor also continued his sermon by talking about the function of the church, but I was humbled. Humbled by the past few days I’ve been at school and how little I actively chose to honor Him. I thought about the little things I’ve complained about or my attitude towards my situations. I am called to glorify. I am not called to be perfect or to be anything I’m not, just love Him & love others through my actions. This is not a forced obligation, but an active response to the countless ways He is providing for me. I think my pastor summed it up wonderfully when he said “He does not want my bitter submission, He wants my joyful living.” This subtitle of my blog is “learning joy in all circumstances;” that is what God calls us to do. Seek joy and glorify Him.

I need to choose joy and bring glory to Him today.


SK said...

Beautiful Sarah! Thanks for sharing! We always need a sweet reminder to bring Him glory at every hour, minute and second of our days!

ceciliarose said...

Glorfiying Him and recognizing that it's truly about Him. Something we hear so much, but it's a daily battle for us to learn and live out. Love it!

Joanna said...

thanks for the reminder, Sarah. So happy to hear from you more through your blog!

Ameera (أميرة) said...

Great post! Thanks for the reminder :)

Corals Country said...

BAM! You've been nominated by yours truly for The Versatile Blogger Award! :)

Go here for more info!

Happy Blogging! : )

Kaitlin said...

Beautifully written! Sarah, you're just so great :)