Thursday, August 2, 2012

Being Pinteresting

Yesterday, my friend Amanda and I embarked on a journey of epic craft proportions. We dedicated our afternoon to testing some of our favorite pins. I knew the day was going to be interesting when we came home and found my cat in a plastic-shopping-bag-cape. It was hilarious not funny at all. I guess my little kitty got nosy and then ended up getting caught in a grocery bag while I was out. After I removed the bag like a good owner, Amanda and I proceeded to laugh…for about five minutes straight. I’m sorry if that makes us bad people, it was just too funny. (Please don’t worry…my cat is fine now!) Anywho, we eventually settled down and began our projects.

First, we worked our magic in the kitchen…listening to some good ‘ol country music! We started by making some chickpea cookie dough (don’t judge it by the name…it was surprisingly good). Here’s the recipe we used. We added the optional 2/3 cup of brown sugar & a tablespoon of honey like mentioned in the author’s notes:Pinteresting with Amanda
Let’s not talk about the fact that for a solid two minutes, I thought the food processor was broken…because I didn’t plug it in. Yikes Sarah. Oh, and I may have accidentally spilled some on Amanda…she didn’t seem to mind :p

We served it with some fresh strawberries. Overall, this recipe wasn’t half bad! The chick peas had a strong smell at first, so we were a little nervous. But, with enough peanut butter and vanilla, it just tastes like some yummy peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie dough. And hey, it’s healthier I guess!!

Next we made this muffin-cupcake recipe. All you need is cake mix, pumpkin puree, and 1/4 cup of milk:
Pinteresting with Amanda1
Combine the three ingredients & its time to bake! You just follow the instructions on the box…how easy is that?!

Pinteresting with Amanda2
We had some extra batter and I’m impatient so we decided to microwave one. It wasn’t half bad, although it was a little chewier than the oven-baked ones.

Viola! Our verdict: great texture and good taste, although you could still taste a little pumpkin flavor. Next time I try this, I think I’m going to use a spice cake mix instead. But overall, it was a success! (not to mention its healthier than a normal chocolate muffin…win!)

Next, we decided to hit the crafting table (and listen to the “coffee jambs” station on Pandora to get our creative juices flowing). First up, sharpie mugs! As seen on this site. Future reference, plan out what quotes you are using BEFORE you do this. Amanda and I spent wayyyyy too long picking out which bible verses we wanted to use!
The site claims that these are cured enough after baking to be washed…but I guess I will have to wait & see about that. I’m still very pleased about how they turned out! I mean what says calm better than some biblical truth and a hot cup of tea :)

Finally, we decided to bleach pen some shirts using these instructions:
Pinteresting with Amanda3
We didn’t have any chalk, so we wrote out our designs with gold sharpie first. Oh, and we got impatient so we used a blow dryer to make the bleaching process quicker. Amanda rocked a Mumford & Sons quote and I used part of Romans 12:9. The bottom right photo is mine after I rinsed the bleach pen off.

I didn't like that some of my letters blended together, so I went back with some bronze puffy paint. I’d say I’m pretty pleased with the results, Although I don’t think our bleach pen was potent enough to really suck out the color like we had hoped.

Well, with all or our crafts, and the impromptu rain dance we performed outside (which obviously worked because it poured later :p), I’d say this day was quite pinteresting after all. I’m so happy Amanda and I could share this wonderfully goofy time together!




Samantha Shepherd said...

I ADORE those coffee cups! Love, love, love.

Hannah said...

The coffee mugs are cute! And don't worry - you're not a bad person for laughing at your cat. Our younger cat LOVES to play with grocery bags. It's gotten so bad, that he chews/eats them (which is pretty dangerous to them), so we have to be really careful about what we leave out around our house now. :)

Ariel said...

Oh my word!!! Those mugs are sooooo cute! I have to do that stat! They turned out soooo good. Love :)

Kim said...

i so want a pinterest day! great idea, girls!

Amanda Smith said...

such a fun day:)

Melanie said...

this post is loaded! love it and your blog! i'm a new follower, found you from samantha's blog!