Wednesday, August 15, 2012

iPhone Happenings

This week it started: the goodbyes for college. Two of my friends have headed back to school, and my dear friend Kristen is currently moving into her freshman dorm. Sunday night, we spent hours at a diner gushing about the exciting aspects of college life, thoroughly getting us both pumped and easing our small concerns. Kristen, thank you for your always-encouraging friendship. I pray that your freshman year is amazing and I can’t wait to see how God grows you at Regent!

Anywho, onto my my week as seen by my iPhone:
Bump Photos - August 12 2012
Top: #SheReadTruth His steadfast love & faithfulness // True life…this was someone’s plate at the mall. Now that’s NRA dedication! // The sad and rainy spot my hamock and I should have been (wow can someone say #firstworldproblems?!)
Bottom: I almost poured my milk this way…rough morning // A constant reminder // My newly-made planner, complete with sections for homework, small group, IV meetings, and some blogging…I’m super pumped!

Bump Photos - August 12 20121
Top: Dinner at Bonefish Grill with my mom (those fish tacos are the bomb) // Bad picture, but there was a man dressed as Elvis getting into his car. My mom and I were bummed we didn’t get a picture with him // God’s teaching is a light // My first friar tuck…actually a success (I’m even rocking some curls again today)
Bottom: Shoutout To Samantha, this blogging world offers great encouraging friends. I’m blessed // “But Christianity is a cross, and a cross is ‘I’ crossed out” –Power of Positive Prayer // Shopping at Target with momma bear // Love me some smoothies

Bump Photos - August 15 2012
Top: Treasure His commandments // My Sunday best // Tiger’s new favorite nighttime sleeping spot…next to me. I’m not complaining :) // Birthday false alarm…
Bottom: Nothing about God is simple♥ // I found a new bakery yesterday!! // I ate both cupcakes and was not ashamed…so so good! // Just watching the rain


P.S. I'm working on some bloggy changes...stay tuned!


Breanna said...

It was always so hard saying bye to friends at the end of summer- yet somehow always harder to say goodbye in May to my friends I made at school! I do hope your move into your dorm goes well & you get amazing roomate(s)!

Ameera said...

I'm doing the goodbye thing too...only I'm the one leaving :)

Samantha Shepherd said...

OH, I love that dress from Target! Looks great on you. :)

Ariel said...

I love your gold and green necklace! And those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!!!

Ariel said...

Alos, love the new blog design :) Soooo cute!