Sunday, August 26, 2012

She Shares: Words

So I meant to do this post yesterday, but I was packing all day and didn’t get a chance. I should be packing now…but I think its time for a little break. I wanted to link up with #SheReadsTruth again for their weekly “She Shares” post. As I began thinking about what God has been showing me this week, I kept coming back to one concept: words. The past few chapters in Proverbs have been full of wisdom about how our words need to honor God. I’ve been wrestling with exactly what God is trying to tell me through all of this, and then in church today, my pastor did a sermon on what God says about words in Proverbs. Woah God...I see what you did there :p Anyway, I’ve decided that’s why I didn’t write this post yesterday, God had more to tell me.

I think one of the biggest struggles in my faith is what I say. I am an extrovert who talks a mile-a-minute, but also a girl who hates conflict and confrontation. I often find myself saying more than I necessary or not speaking up when I should.

First, I can easily lack restraint with what I say. Namely, I gossip. A lot. Gossip is such a tricky thing. It is so easy for me to complain about that girl who bugs me, or point out the flaws of that one person who rubs me the wrong way. Sadly enough, as social beings, we often connect over these things. In the short run, talking about someone else builds up our rep with a group of people while hurting the other. It is humbling when I think about how much of my conversations are talking about people not involved. What am I really gaining from this? How is talking about that person really helping my relationships? Plain and simple…its not. God repeatedly says in the bible to be “slow to speak.” Proverbs 10:19 says “when words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” It takes a lot of wisdom to know when to be quiet. I need to assess my reasons for what I say before I say them. I came across this quote on Pinterest many times and I think it is covers the subject well:
Second, I can become so timid when I should speak up. God never called us to be timid. He calls us to be bold, especially when it regards His truths. I Hate confrontation and am afraid of upsetting people with my beliefs, so I tend to stay quiet when I need to speak up. Just as words can hurt people, they can also grow and heal others. Sometimes confrontation is necessary when it is out of love. Proverbs 27:5 says “Better is open rebuke, than hidden love.” As a Christian, I am not called to judge others, but I am called to notice the brokenness around me and help it. If my Christian brother or sister is going down a path they shouldn’t…I can’t just ignore it, I need to confront them about it. My pastor used a powerful quote about speaking up from Martin Luther King Jr. after the civil rights movement. He said “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

I need to love so fiercely that my words help the people around me. My words need to build people up, not bring them down for my own selfish gain. Proverbs reiterates that our words speak from our hearts. I am learning that my heart needs to be so focused on God that He is seen through my words.

I Want to close with these song lyrics I was encouraged with at church today:
"May you go in the love of your Father God 
May you go in the grace of Christ 
May you go in the power of the Spirit now 
To bring Him glory with your life"


Rachel said...

Love this, my speech has been one of my biggest heart lessons in proverbs, Thanks for sharing. meet my crew at

Taylor said...

your honesty is beautiful. it's hard not so gossip sometimes depending on your environment (work, school) but it is a nasty habit, isn't it? i do it too, we're all human! but i praise your efforts to be better. i will try too. how inspiring!

Ariel said...

Love this. We were just talking at church yesterday about how our words should be intentional and filled with grace and wisdom. Which is so true!!! I think our words have way more affect than we realize.

Kim said...

AMEN SISTA! i love that this study has brought so many things to light for you, for me, for most of the girls i know who are going through it! and let me just say, it's so amazing to see where God has brought you over the past several years. i remember thinking when we started back at WFC that you were one to watch, that God had some major plans in store for you. He has been doing some incredible work in your heart and your life, and i know He'll continue to mold you in the years to come. love you!

Amanda Lambrechts said...

What a great post! I definitely needed this as a reminder to stay grounded and think before I speak as I start a new school year. My mom has that "Before you think" poster in her elementary classroom.