Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPhone Happenings

Well, its Wednesday again..time to show off my past week on photos. I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing, so much so that if my mom sees me take a picture now she goes “Is that going on your blog?” Yes Mom, it is. I get to document the semi-unimportant aspects of my life and no one can stop me :)

Bump Photos - August 07 2012
Top: My last day of the Prayer study for #SheReadsTruth // The craziness at Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day // My wrap was still well-worth the wait
Bottom: Eating some of the chickpea cookie I made on my craft day while studying for calc // Ok does anyone else do this?! Leave one of each color at the end (I do it with candy too)…is that weird? // Reminded of how to sacrifice myself

Bump Photos - August 07 20121
A lovely day at Peace Valley Park with my friend Michele…turned into a 6-mile walk. In flip flops. (You think I would have learned the last time) Her pup was such a trooper though. Sadie was thrown in the water encouraged to swim by Michele & had to walk those 6 miles on her poor little paws. So naturally she tried to take my seat on the ride home ;p

Bump Photos - August 07 20122
Top: Classical summer…gotta have a good s’more // I'm a pyro. obvs. // An attempt at a cinnamon mug cake (I’m still tweaking it)
Bottom: Keep His commandments, abide in His love // no arms Feeling stylish // Glorifying God through purity

Bump Photos - August 07 20123
My friends Jess & Kristen (and their little sister Michelle) were in Annie Jr. this past week. Jess played an adorable Annie…rocking the red hair, and Kristen was Mrs. Hannigan. She was fierce.

Bump Photos - August 07 20124
Top: Zeva’s new favorite spot // Another mug cake, whose blueberries took over // This stuff is da bomb (yes, I just said that)
Bottom: First day of the Proverbs study on #SheReadsTruth. I was so excited when I saw this was the book we were reading; we’re even reading it at church! // My house had no windows this week…no worries, they’re back now // Starting my morning off right :)



Erin Marie said...

hi! just found your blog on "on a whim", as you were also nominated for the award she put up. can't wait to read more of your posts! xo

Kaitlin said...

this is so cute, Sarah! Looks like you're having a fantastic summer :)

Stesha said...

you have awesome instagrams!