Saturday, July 21, 2012


Ever have those moments where you know god is REALLY trying to tell you something? Well, I am. Lately God has really put two verses on my heart….and they’ve been popping up everywhere! I’m talking Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, my devotional times…not to mention I even have them up on my inspiration wall. Well I guess I finally got the hint:

Photos - July 20 2012

I’ve been going through a lot of faith-based changes in my life recently. I got out of a relationship at the end of the school year that wasn’t pure and pleasing to God. I’m not going to sugar coat this…it’s been hard. I miss him, but know the path we were going down wasn’t a good one. It was negatively affecting my walk with God. I denied that there was anything wrong with our relationship for far too long. And honestly, although the break up was very smooth and mutual, it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Seeing him hurting and knowing we still care about each other dearly makes me ache. But I know deep down that it needed to happen. He wasn’t in a place with God that could help me grow. Despite the pain, God has given me a sense of peace throughout it all. I know that as much as I miss those aspects of our relationship that I can’t have back, God has a plan. He allowed me to go through this trial to teach and grow me. It showed me the depths of why you should not date someone who can’t support and challenge you with your faith. I have also been so challenged to grow in my walk with God since summer began. It’s like God has called me to reassess who I am so I can find my identity in Him alone. I have been consistent with my daily quiet times for the first time ever! I am learning how to be stretched and pulled by God, and I am finally being open and honest with Him about my struggles and temptations. I am truly beginning to comprehend that God does in fact have plans to prosper me. I cannot lean on my own understanding. And if I trust him, whole-heartedly, He WILL make my paths straight.

So ladies, I don’t know which of you out there are reading this and are struggling with a relationship that isn’t honoring God, but just know its not worth it. Why settle for a man who doesn’t love God so much more than you? Why create emotional and physical baggage that you are going to carry with you? God is still in the process of revealing my beautifully-written love story. He has shown me small glimpses of what I am looking for in my future husband, and I can’t even imagine the rest! He’s written yours too…and its more beautiful than any book or movie. So don’t sell yourself short; God’s plan is better! ♥


Samantha Shepherd said...

Wow, Sarah, that takes a lot to step away from that relationship! I really respect that. Don't EVER settle for a man that isn't daily seeking after the Father's heart.

Kim said...

so proud of you! i'm glad God's been using SO many little things in your life to remind you he's taking care of you and he knows exactly what he's doing. and your blog was like the millionth place this week that i've read those proverbs verses. yep, God's good at knowing what we need :)

Amanda Smith said...

you're so great. i love your honesty and realness about things. i needed this reminder today, so thanks:)