Saturday, July 28, 2012

So Excited!

Hello gals! I have some exciting news for you…well its super exciting for me at least. I filled up my entire devotional journal!!! Eeeeeeee I’m so happy! Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is huge for me. I have always been so bad about being consistent with my daily quiet times, but this summer, God was really telling me that I needed to change. I needed to become more dependent on Him. I've heard that it takes 21 days for something to become habit, which means I’ve actually made my time with God a habit. And boy has it been helpful. God has been pushing me more in these past 6 weeks than He has in a long time, and I’m finally being responsive :)

Here is my old journal:
Bump Photos - July 27 2012My youth leader gave me this journal last summer as a graduation gift. Unfortunately, I only used it for small group planning and sermon notes on Sundays while I was at school. In those 9 months, I didn’t even manage to fill it halfway. But since the summer started, I kicked it into gear and poured my thoughts, worries, and prayers out onto these pages. It became my journal to God.

Of course since I finished my journal…I HAD to go buy a new one, right? (ok does anyone else get as excited about this as I do??) So I hopped into my car and drove over to Target, avoided the clothing section with all my might, and made my way to the journal isle.Photo 2                                                    So many choices!!

I ended up buying this bad boy:
Photo 6Isn’t it cute? It has 160 pages just waiting for me to write in! Andddd its hard-bound, so I won’t be tempted to rip out pages for random things.

I also bought these cute little journals that came in a 3-pack. My goal is to use them as prayer journals. (and I have multiple so I can’t run out!…I’m thinking I'll use the green first) God has been leading me to start being selfless and more intentional with people, so these are only for the prayers and needs of others!
Photo 11                                         Aren’t the little quotes just darling?!

Well here’s my set: I can’t wait to see how God molds me through the time I devote in them
Photo 9
Also, if anyone has any prayer requests they would like me to pray for, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email (found on my contact page) I would love to pray for you!
“For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power, love, and sound mind.”
                                           ~2 Timothy 1:7


Ktbuttons said...

after reading your blog now for a bit, it's confirmed, I want to be friends with you in real life, er, I mean not just blogging friends :) haha

Maybe... someday... that can happen!

Great job on the journal! Here's to your new devotions! :)

Sarah Rogers said...

Aww thanks! You are so sweet :) I hate that all the blog ladies I love live so far away from me, every time I read about these blog meet-ups I get so jealous!

Samantha Shepherd said...

I feel the exact same way when I get to pick out a journal! I'm always eager as I finish up an old journal. :) OH! In response, to your comment on my most recent post...I'm rooming with three girls I don't know that well either! You can add that to our list of similarities.

Ariel said...

Hey Sarah! I am in love with your blog and blog post! Filling up a journal is so exciting, especially when every page is filled with a unique and divine moment with God. I just bought a brand new journal so that I will be more motivated to spend daily quiet time with the Lord and write out my thoughts and prayers. And it has been such a daily life-changing experience!

All that to say...let's be blog friends! haha ok great :)

Hope you had a lovely Saturday!

Kaitlin said...

I love journal-shopping too! I don't understand why I can only pick one ;) I love your journaling idea too. I will definitely be trying that! Love your blog by the way - super cute!!

Kim said...

oooooooooohhhhhhhh!!! congrats on filling a journal! what a great feeling that is! and i'm pretty much obsessed with the new ones you picked out. they're kind of kate spade-y :)