Sunday, July 1, 2012


Ahhh, you ever just feel super refreshed? That feeling when you put on some freshly washed PJs after a great shower. That’s how I’m feeling….and not because of a shower. I think a better word for my current feeling is contentment. Peace. Why you ask? Well as I sit here, belly full of fresh cut watermelon and my dad’s homemade chili, I am refreshed in what God has been showing me these past few days. As I mentioned before, I recently started a new devotional plan with #shereadstruth. This plan has been helping me identify a lot of the sin that has been weighing me down recently. You know, that dark stuff you just don’t want to share? Well everyday, the plan has pinpointed some little piece of it that I can go to God about. One thing that’s been weighing heavily on my heart has been my fear that I can easily fall into this sin again. Sin’s a peculiar thing ain’t it? We can easily identify the drastic sins we won’t do, but if it’s a slow fade, we don’t even realize how close to that line we can get. I’ve been scared of this fact. If it was so easy to slip the first time, what’s stopping me from doing it again?

God, silly, That seems easy enough…but with me, nothing ever is. Well no worries, today my devotional took me to Proverbs 4:23 which talks about guarding your heart because so often our heart and our feelings control our actions. If I am guarding my heart for God, my actions should follow suit. Now this concept is easy enough, right?

God knows me too well, He knows that wasn’t enough to sway me. So what do we talk about in church today? Not giving into the enticement of sin. Proverbs 1:8-19 to be exact. It hit me in church today, almost like a ton of bricks. I am so afraid of falling back into this sin because I hadn’t yet turned it over to God. Yes, I admitted it to Him, but I kept a small little crumb. So today as the ushers were passing out communion, I prayed. I prayed for God to take my fears and to guard my heart from the temptation that seems too easy to accept.

And now, here I am, refreshed with a peace knowing that God is not going to give me a situation I cannot handle, and that through him I can overcome this. I am so relieved with this truth. And you know what, i'm not sure this could have come at a better time. It's the first day of July. I can start a new month with a new mindset. Sweet.


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Kim said...

you're blogging??? i am SO excited about this fact! :D

Sarah Rogers said...

Yes ma'am! I'm just starting out :)