Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Fashionable Momma

Can I just start out by saying how glad I am that I did that Friday’s Letters post? Let’s just say it caused me to add about 6 more lovely ladies to my reading list. Ok, that's actually kind of a problem…I’m enabling my addiction! (At least I have BlogLovin’ to keep track of everyone) Oh, and shout out to the girls that left me the comments, I’m glad you’re loving coral as much as I am!!

So last night couldn’t have been more girly if it tried. My mom took part in a fashion night at the local Dress Barn. She modeled clothes that fit her body type. And let me tell you, the manager, Karen, who hosted the event was just about as sweet as pie…I’m banking that one her southern roots. My mom’s friend Judy even stopped by to join in the fun. Now, I LOVE shopping, so getting to help my momma pick out some new duds was a blast!

Bump Photos - July 21 2012
Ain’t my mom a babe? Obviously, got my good look from that woman ;p

Oh, and I was kinda proud of the outfit I wore…so naturally I took advantage of the three-way mirror the store had

Photo 10

Afterwards, we went out to dinner just the two of us. I must say, I love this woman to bits! She is so giving & loving; she literally lights up the room! Even though we have our moments, we get along so well because we are just so alike. It is truly an honor when people tell me how much they love her or how we are a lot alike. I’d say she’s a pretty great woman to look up to, and she’s always been my biggest fan!

So here’s to you Momma Bear,
I love you so so much, even though sometimes I forget to say it. You make me laugh so hard and fill me with so much joy♥
                          Love, Pud


Ktbuttons said...

boy do i love my mama too. there's nothing quite like the friendship you have with your mom. both you girls looked super cute :) Mama dates are the best!

Erin said...

You are so pretty and so is your mama! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, excited to follow your blog and read more!

Have a blessed day, sweetie!