Thursday, July 19, 2012

iPhone Happenings

I decided to make this iPhone dump a weekly thing for Wednesdays, why? Because Wednesday was just random enough to work :) {yes, I am aware it is technically Thursday now. Sue me} Anywho, here is my past week according to my iPhone:

Top: My cats sleep in the weirdest places (the black one is hanging off that table, and yes…that is a drawstring bag. Parkour?) //  Yummy fancy sodas at an Italian bistro my friend and I stumbled upon. Mine is the Fizzy Lizzy hehe // My last devo of the “Surrendered Life” #shereadstruth (I am currently doing their “Soul Detox” and “Prayer” studies, and LOVING them)
Bottom: My cat apparently finds my horrible screaming singing soothing, and she helped me do my calc homework // I baked a whole bunch of these mini beauties on Saturday for a party my mom was attending…and made some normal-sized deliciousness for my fam // I’ve decided to make a dent in this pile of books I’ve been wanting to read, Coffee & tea have been helping.

Photos - July 18 20121
Top: Just lovin’ me some #shereadstruth // Lunch with my pappa at our new favorite Indian resturant
Middle: Reading & enjoying my baking skills while it rained // Once again #shereadstruth (can you tell I like it?)
Bottom: My first attempt at a sock bun…success!! // Two photos testing out the filters on my new pixlromatic app…aka being narcissistic

Photos - July 18 20122
Top: The nasty bug on my passenger-side window…I may or may not have waited for it to fly away before I left my car // Some cuddle time with my kitty // New haircut awkward smile // Red Lobster with mi madre
Bottom: The dead bird that has been on my driveway for two days now (my mom & I have both refused to move it, and my dad is out of town on a business trip….I guess its staying there for now) // Feeding my froyo addiction by checking out one of the new places with my friend (What, I’m just quality control & its not my fault they’ve opened 7 froyo places in the past few months :p) // Look how cute Menchie’s sppons are!!

And now for more of my Instagram Photo of the Day Pictures (which I am still inconsistant with)
Photos - July 18 2012
Day 11: Letter // Day 12: Texture // Day 15: Finger // Day 17: My addiction // Day 18: Plate
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Well at least I’m getting in the '”bloggy” habit of photographing my of my day, regardless of how interesting it actually is. Oh well!    

P.S. Let’s talk about how Bloglovin’ did updates this week and then wouldn’t let me access my account!! I had to go two days without catching up with my blogs, which to me is a BIG deal. So big, I actually recreated a new account. I think I may be obsessed a tad! This picture pretty much sums that up:
Photo 42
Why do you ladies lead such interesting lives?!?!!?

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