Saturday, January 5, 2013

This One’s for the Girls

No, I’m not alluding to the Martina McBride song…but you are quite welcome, as I’m sure that song is stuck in your head now. I’m referring to some of the lovely ladies God hes placed in my life.

I just came home from my friend Kristen’s house where I spent the night with my closest girl friends. These ladies have been there for me for years, and I love how our friendship has only grown as we’ve matured. I am blessed by the sweet bond we share. We spent the night catching up, eating wayyyy to much food, and just enjoying each other’s company. These girls are great. One moment we can be having the most awkward conversation ever, and then segway seamlessly into the ways we see God challenging us to pursue Him. They are all truly an encouragement for me as I grow closer to Him. Although I didn’t take any photos last night, here are a few pictures of us from the past. As you can see, their beauty is real…both inside and out. Oh gracious I love these ladies!

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IMG_1852 560780_10150766896399859_365449898_n
(as you can see, we are big fans of tradition…every winter we look at Christmas lights together & every summer we have a Melting Pot date)

I also had my first blog date on Thursday! I first found Samantha from Today I Am over the summer (she was my first follower!) and after talking Samantha for months now, we finally sat down and had a Skype date. It was crazy because I wasn’t nervous at all about Skyping her…I just feel like I’ve gotten to her so well through her blog, emails, and letters. I was definitely excited to talk “in person.” Oh mylanta was it a blast! We literally talked for over two hours (and probably could have gone on longer!) We discussed about school and our futures, laughed a whole bunch, and even discussed accents…it was wonderful. My favorite part of all is that we prayed together at the end. Samantha has the sweetest heart, and such a passion for God. I left our conversation encouraged and overjoyed at the time we spent together. It is truly amazing how God can use this blogging community bring two girls that live almost 11 hours apart together! I am so thankful for this new friendship we are building.


So today, my heart is so full. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the friendships God has placed in my life. Whether it is with the girls who have been there for years, or someone I’ve just known a few months, He has placed such encouraging women in my life that I am so glad to call my friends. There is truly nothing like good quality girl time that is rooted in Him!



Samantha Shepherd said...

Oh gosh this post makes me so stinkin' happy and I couldn't agree with you more. I never would have imagined I would connect so well with a girl 11 hours away, but I sure am thankful!

P.S. I definitely started singing Martina's song had the beginning of this... :)

Olga Zgonnik said...

gorgeous photos and love this post! :)

how about following each other? would love to see you over

Annie said...

I'm so glad you and Samantha got to Skype! (I'm also pretty jealous!) It's crazy to see the way God builds community among women who live so far apart. Some of my best friends are people I've met through blogging!