Friday, January 18, 2013

Great Expectations

My car is packed and I’m gathering the last few things in my room; its official, I’m saying goodbye to my home again until Easter. While school doesn’t start for me until January 28th, I have quite a busy week in upstate New York. This weekend I will be away at a leadership retreat in Saratoga, then I’m making a quick pit stop in Syracuse to visit some wonderful people, and by this time Thursday, I will be all settled into my dorm room at Binghamton.

This coming semester, I have the amazing opportunity to serve on the executive board of my campus’s chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for receiving the position. I am working alongside four other students as we help plan the semester for our fellowship. Specifically, my job is to coordinate the weekly Friday night meetings we hold for a large number of students. Over break I’ve been getting in contact with speakers and all that good stuff in preparation for the spring semester. But this weekend and next weekend, I will be doing a lot of planning with our Eboard as we vision cast for how to grow our fellowship in Christ. We know that God has great things planned for our campus, and I truly believe that we can see lives transformed by His love this coming year.

So friends, I ask for prayer as we are at the retreat this weekend (and our meetings next weekend). Prayer that God will reveal to us the ways He wants our fellowship to work and grow. Prayer that we submit willingly to the ways God is going to mold us and the rest of our chapter. And prayer for my campus. That they return this semester with a curiosity and yearning to know Christ on a deep and personal level.

I have great expectations for these next few days, and I thank you in advance for your prayers!



Megan @ EphesiansWife said...

I forget how long college Christmas breaks are!! Praying for confidence as you proclaim the name of Christ on your campus! Girl, God is gonna use you in big ways...can't wait to hear about His work!

Samantha Shepherd said...

I've been praying and will continue to do so. Can't wait to see how you grow this semester!

P.S. I was walking to class earlier this week and I thought about you and just really wished we went to the same college so we could have dates. I know it's random, but I wanted to tell you. :)

Pretty lady said...

May God exceed your expectations sweet sister in Christ! I'm excited for you!!!!

l said...

SHOUTOUT: you made the BEST cara box ever. It is so awesome. - Alexis