Friday, June 22, 2012

Sweet Summa Timeeee

So the other day I saw on a blog a list of to-do's for the summer. She wrote down her goals of what she wanted to accomplish in these few short months. Well, that got me to thinking about how lazy I have already been since coming home from school a month ago (yikes, a month!!). So here is my list, let's hope I can achieve all of it with flying colors :)

  • Go to Philly: I only live like 40 minutes away...and yet I NEVER go! Yeah, let's change that.
  • Meeting with someone: I want to weekly meet with either my old youth leader who disciples me, or one of my girlfriends from church. I want to use this time to fellowship and growth together.
  • Go hiking: time outside in nature=awesome.
  • Go to the beach: (like the Philly one) I live about an hour away from the Jersey I'm not talking the lame show :p So I want to take some day trips.
  • Exercise daily: I am horrible at making new habits, and this is definitely something I WANT to make a habit of. 
  • Read my bible daily: Once again, I'm bad with routines. But this one is super important and I want to keep this up! After all, what's better than time with my Savior?
  • Get an A in Calculus: In a few weeks I'm taking calc at the local community college, so that I can get it out of the way. Math has always been a strength of mine, so I better get a good grade!
  • Have a picnic: Once again, nature=awesome.
  • Find new coffee shops: Starbucks, I love you so, but you're getting a little too main stream. I want to find one of those cute hole-in-the-wall places :)
  • Go to the library: I'm trying not to lose all my brain cells this summer, so I want to enrich my mind. I'm think this one should be bi-weekly.
  • DIY weekly: I have these creative juices flowing, it's time to put them to use!
  • Clean the house weekly: Ok, so I'm not thrilled about this one, but honestly it's the least I can do! My parents work full-time and I'm at home lounging like a bum. I want to pitch in!
  • Go to a museum: I hope to go to a few actually! There are a lot of historical places right in my town and I want to visit some of them this summer.
  • Go to thrift stores: I LOVE shopping, but i'm on a college budget. I want to find some cool little gems that don't break the bank. Oh, and this can help with my DIYs.
  • Limit electronics use: This one is a big one, I am attached to my iPhone! (and computer and TV). It's a problem. Especially since I'm often on more than one at a time. So I want to change that! I've already starting eating meals sans-TV, and I'm trying to leave my phone away from my while in the house. There is so much beauty around me, I don't need to miss it because of my Iphone screen.
  • ENJOY!: Well, that one is's summer time!!! I want to live. it. up.


Samantha Shepherd said...

Such a great summer list! I live near a national forest, so I'm getting to do lots of hiking this summer too. AND local coffee shops are the absolute best! Good luck finding one. :)

Kim said...

if you take a beach day trip to seaside to say hi to snooki and the gang, let me know and we'll meet up before you go home! seaside is just a few miles from our house :)

Sarah Rogers said...

well, if you're offering :P