Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Adventure

Blogging. Seems simple enough, you just write & submit. Well, not exactly. I have never had a way with words, and it always seems like everyone else is better at writing than I am. Well about seven months ago, I stumbled upon (literally… it was on Stumbleupon) a fashion blog. This girl’s style was amazing, and she wrote about her life as she was wrapping up college. Well, between her musings and outfit posts, I became hooked. Like literally. I scrolled back to her first posts and had to read the whole blog from the beginning! Then when I was caught up, I started reading one of her sponser’s blogs, and a chain reaction ensued. Over winter break I spent hours (wow, I’m cool) reading through from the beginning of about four or five blogs. They were fashion-related, life-related, and even a little God-related. It amazed me how attached I became to these women’s lives. When there was a baby announcement I was so giddy; a loss in the family, I felt sad. How was it that I had never met these women and felt like I knew them so well?

Fast forward to now: I currently am following over twenty blogs on Bloglovin’ (is that a lot?), and even have tabs open on my desktop of other blogs I want to start reading from the beginning. What started out as a vehicle for clothing ideas has transformed into learning about family, school, work, and ultimately being encouraged by women on fire for their faith in God.

I guess now would be a good time to talk a little bit about me. I am 18 years old, just a baby, starting out in the “real world”. I live in Pennsylvania, but just finished up my freshman year at Binghamton University. I have a passion for people, sweets, and being weird with friends. I love shopping, and have thankfully started to be a little more frugal about it. I am a born-again Christian and am always struggling to live my life in a way that can honor the Lover of my soul. I have often contemplated starting a blog of my own over the past few months, but I just kept shooting down my own idea. There have been a lot of reasons:

1. What would I write about? I feel silly even considering making a fashion blog. I love clothes but I am not very creative, and what good would just posting pictures of myself do? God? I love my heavenly father, but I can be very timid in my faith. It is something I am working on, and I don’t want to just sound like I am standing on a soap box 24/7. Then I realized, my favorite blogs I’ve read combine those things and tons of other aspects of their lives. My blog should be a journal. To document my (sometimes boring) life and show what drives me daily. My faith drives me, so through my posts, God will hopefully be apparent along with the little things that bring a smile to my face.

2. Will I be able to keep up with it? I am not one to stick with routines. Daily quiet times, keeping in touch with people, working out. I just become lazy, and settle for mediocrity. But maybe, just maybe, this blog thing can be different. It can keep me accountable to the things that are most essential to my life.

3. This one is the scariest to me: Will people read my blog? There are thousands of blogs on the internet. Some are pretty darn famous, and some don’t have any followers. I wanted my blog to be interesting to other people (me being a people-pleaser). And what about the people who already know me? What if they think this is stupid or narcissistic? Then it hit me, if I write the blog to please others, it will never meet my high expectations. So here it is. I am writing this for myself. As a journal I can look back on years down the road and reminisce about my joys, my struggles, and my growth.


And so begins my blogging journey. My hope is that it stays a constant learning experience for me, and that I can glorify God through my words. 


Samantha Shepherd said...

I just started blogging and I had the exact same thoughts as you! I blog stalked for about a year and then I decided that I should start my own. I agree with you that it serves as a journal to look back on later!

Sarah Rogers said...

I am glad I am not alone!! By the way, I just read through your blog & it is most certainly going on my list :)

LilBecca said...

Hi Sarah,

I just stumbled across your blog and felt and instant connection to you. I am also a college student who just started blogging. Your blog is beautiful. I just wanted to say hi.

Niko Leigh said...

Hi Sarah! I don't feel bad now, because this is what I just did:) I also scroll all the way back to the beginning of a blog to start reading. I look forward to reading the rest!!