Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life Lately

Oh gracious, this semester has become a busy one. As many of you may know, I’ve given up social media during the day…but that has not made my schedule any less hectic. Honestly, I’m happy I've made that commitment because I am starting to realize how unnecessary all of it is. Anywho, I decided to stop by and give you a glimpse of my life lately. Whelp, here goes:

Bump Photos- February 21 2013My Valentine’s creations this year {please note the corny card I made….that’s what happens when I’m dating a math major}

Bump Photos- February 21 20131~My weekend consisting of crafting some sweet jerseys for my friends’ intramural basketball team
~Part of my morning routine, cereal & a to-do list
~Rocking my new mustard pants…I’m in love
~New running shoes, which have been put to good use this week
~De-licioussssss cupcakes that my suitemate brought back from her trip home. So so good!!!

And last, but definitely not least, this past Friday at InterVarsity we listened to my friend give her testimony about how she’s been transformed in college. Afterward, we invited everyone up to write how they want to be transformed. Here are the cool responses we got!
Photo 5

I hope you all had a swell Thursday!


Samantha Shepherd said...

What a precious card! Love it.

I just adore seeing what you're up to! Talk to you soon. :)

Jessica Gehman said...

Mustard pants! Those are a really awesome color. I've only gotten brave enough to get maroon demin so I have a lot more branching out to do.