Thursday, August 1, 2013

Life Lessons from The Bachelorette

I've always loved hearing stories from people about the ways the Lord reveals Himself to them in the little things in their life. It blows my mind how He works in random ways, but to be honest, I get a little jealous when it doesn't happen to me. Well, God decided to change that recently while I was watching The Bachelorette…and it was pretty crazy!

Let me explain…

This season, the bachelorette Desire has been very open about her feelings for one guy, Brooks. She admitted her feelings for him were far beyond the ones she felt for the other two men left in the competition. However, he also happens to be the only guy left who won’t profess his growing affections to her. He finally realizes he did not share the intensity of the feelings she has for him and chooses to leave the show. Des is understandably heartbroken after pursuing a guy who failed to provide her the affirmation she longed for. Meanwhile, two men have openly expressed their growing love for her and she remained blinded to the beauty of their genuine feelings.

Are you seeing the parallels yet?

We are uniquely formed by a craftsman, not just made by a mold in a factory. God knows how I work. He knows my thoughts, desires, & needs. He is invested in me beyond how anyone else can be. And yet, I still avoid Him who desires me intimately, and I continue seeking after things that cannot reciprocate or fulfill me. Even the people I care for most in this world cannot match the fierce passion the Father has for me, and they never will. Like Des, I so easily long for affirmation in people or things and ignore the One who was waiting there for me the whole time.

Now, obviously I know that the two remaining men in the bachelor are not comparable to the Creator of my heart, but it was amazing the parallels I saw through this situation. We live in a fallible world with fallible people, but an infallible God is there waiting for us to return to Him. I can be so stubborn to the free gifts of life & love that Abba offers me. He formed me with exactness. He knows what makes me tick, and offers comfort to my pain. God, the Creator of everything, created me with intention broad enough to be used for His glory, and intricate enough to be precious in His eyes.

Today, I am amazed at the ways God is choosing to reveal Himself to me, but I am also overwhelmed by His passionate pursuit of me. I need to get out of my “Brooks complex” and open my eyes to the Savior who consistently reveals His perfect love for me. Sisters, God is good and He is pining after you. Invite Him in & experience the beauty of His love!

...and yes, I watched The Bachelorette.

- Sarah


Samantha Shepherd said...

Gosh girl, this is SO good. LOVE that you connected this truth through the Bachelorette! I'm definitely encouraged by this and you.

Megan @ EphesiansWife said...

What a wonderful way to think about it! It is so easy to allow the world's affirmation to distract us while God is the perfect lover. Thanks for the insight! :)

Petchie said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! Its sometimes hard to realize that we don't need the affirmation of other people or things in life, only the strength and love that God can give us.

Thanks for sharing!


Real College Student of Atlanta said...

how crazy and hilarious is this show!? gotta love it!

Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

LOVE your heart, sweet girl :)